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Day Dinner

September 16, 2017

Rock Springs, WYoming

Rock Springs Holiday Inn, 1675 Sunset Drive

Events begin at 2 p.m.

Dinner at 6:30 p.m.

Special speaker:


platte county constitution Party hosts float

The Platte County Constitution Party treated local residents with a float at the recent Platte County Fair parade On Saturday, Aug. 5. "Leave Freedom's Stamp on the Future" was the message of this year's float.  And "Liberty, Integrity and Prosperity," the motto of the National Constitution Party, was emphasized as well.


Bill Hutchinson volunteered to pull the float with his historic custom truck, hopefully bringing even more positive attention to our important message. He is pictured in his uniform, standing next to the float in the image at right.


The Platte County Constitution Party hosted their 2nd annual picnic on July 8th, 2017, to celebrate Wyoming Statehood Day. Wyoming was recognized as a state on July 10, 1890. The picnic was well-attended, with several counties represented.


We enjoyed good food, conversation, games and fun. With our annual picnic, we also hold a state trivia contest. Questions included: How many years does a person serve in the Senate, and in the House?; Who was John J. Pershing, and why was he significant?; and Who was the first governor of the state?

The winner of the contest, Jim Creaser of Converse County, answered 15 of the 20 questions correctly. Jim will receive a gift card/certificate in the amount of $25. The trivia contest helps us all to learn and remember important things about our state.


The next event planned by the Platte County Constitution Party is participation in the Platte County Fair, July 22 through Aug. 5. Hope to see you there!

Spring 2017 National Committee Meeting

Wyoming Constitution Party Chairman Jeff Haggit represented our state party well at the recent Spring 2017 National Committee meeting, held May 5-6 in St. Louis, Mo. Pictured at left are Matt Riccardi, Constitution Party candidate for governor of New Jersey, and 2016 CP presidential candidate Darrell Castle. At right is Jeff with Matt Riccardi.


Annual Washington Day event well-attended

Platte County CP Chairman Rex Fritzler officiated the annual hat auction event.

On Saturday, Feb. 18, the sixth annual Washington Day Dinner was well attended at the Platte County Fairgrounds. The event was sponsored by the Platte County Constitution Party.


Doug Aden, the national vice chairman from Longmont, Colo., and Dr. Daniel Clyde Cummings, of the Natrona County Constitution Party, were the speakers. The violin and piano music was provided by Shawntae Wendt of Torrington, which was greatly enjoyed by those in attendance.


The dinner was catered by the Pie Tin Lady, and was followed by a fashion show — Able Tactical of Guernsey had models display different types of ways to carry concealed weapons. The baby bag with changing pad was especially popular; on the changing pad was a target pattern!


Several nice items received winning bids during the silent auction. The hat auction winner was thrilled with his prize, as was the raffle ticket winner.  It was a really nice evening.


Constitution Party National Vice Chairman Doug Aden presented three core points during his presentation:


Point 1 — Integrity: putting honesty, integrity, and accountability back in government.

Point 2 — Liberty: government is the most ineffective, inefficient and expensive way to getting things done.


Point 3 — Prosperity: we need to again create the greatest economy in the U.S. that the world has ever seen.


Mr. Aden stated that, “...these three cores resonate with the American voters, which is why the Constitution Party continues to grow nationwide. I am impressed with the significant amount of growth in the Wyoming Constitution Party since the election”.


Dr. Daniel Clyde Cummings, of Casper, reiterated the importance of Constitution Party members stepping up and running for public office, particularly for the U.S. House of Representatives, the governor of Wyoming, and Wyoming secretary of state.


Cummings was the 2016 candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, and has helped ensure that the  Constitution Party of Wyoming will maintained a place on th Wyoming ballot. Cummings is also a studied authority on the Constitution Of The United States.


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