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CENTRAL committee


Rex Fritzler

1827 State Hwy 270

Glendo, WY 82213

(307) 735-4103


VICE Chairman

Miriam Dapra

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216 Whalen Canyon Rd

P.O. Box 55

Hartville, WY 82215

(307) 532-6065



Jonelle Riley

P.O. Box 713

Guernsey, WY 82214

(307) 836-2166


treasurer &


Joe Michaels

590 River Dr

P.O. Box 496

Guernsey, WY 82214

(307) 630-4694



state committeewoman

Paula Fritzler

1827 State Hwy 270

Glendo, WY 82213

(307) 735-4103


precinct committeemen

& committeewomen

wheatland 1-2 committeewoman

Chloe Butler

855 Water St.

Wheatland, WY 82201

(307) 269-5011


wheatland 1-2 committeeman

Clinton Butler

855 Water St.

Wheatland, WY 82201

(307) 269-5011


guernsey 2-1-1 committeeman

Joe Michaels

590 River Dr

P.O. Box 496

Guernsey, WY 82214

(307) 630-4694


hartville 3-1-2 committeeman

Rex Fritzler

1827 State Hwy 270

Glendo, WY 82213

(307) 735-4103


hartville 3-1-2 committeeman

Paula Fritzler

1827 State Hwy 270

Glendo, WY 82213

(307) 735-4103


Join the Platte County Constitution Party

for a special

VEterans day


Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017

11 a.m. • 9th Street, Wheatland

On Saturday, November 11, Wheatland will host its first Veterans Day Parade in many years. The parade will start in front of the Platte County Courthouse on 9th Street at 11 a.m.


At the World War II memorial statue on the Courthouse lawn, Mayor Joe Fabian will start the parade off with a few words to thank our county's hundreds of veterans. Led by the Pony Express mounted color guard and Parade Marshal Bob Noyce, the parade will proceed south on 9th Street to finish at the corner of 9th and South streets.


Noyce is a Wheatland resident and U.S. Army veteran who served during World War II. He was sent to Europe in 1945, where his duties took him through France, Belgium and Germany. While in Frankfurt, Germany, he was the escort for General George Patton. He was able to return home to Wyoming in 1947.


Platte County is honored to have Mr. Noyce represent what has been called the “Greatest Generation” in this very special parade to honor our community's veterans.


The idea for organizing the parade started with members of the Platte County chapter of the Constitution Party, not for a political purpose, but simply to be a positive part of the community and

properly honor those who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom.


We're hopeful that the Veterans Day parade will become a meaningful community tradition which will continue for many years, no matter who organizes it each year.


Platte County's volunteer fire and police departments will be included in the parade, in gratitude for their service in the protection of our Platte County communities. The Civil Air Patrol and Bikers Helping Others BHO-322 will also participate, as well as several other organizations. Community businesses, churches, organizations and individuals who would like to participate can call Chloe Butler at (307) 269-5011 or Rex Fritzler at (307) 735-4103 by Thursday, November 9th.


Wouldn't it be fantastic if every veteran in Platte County could be at the Veterans Day Parade, greeted and thanked by every other member of our communities? For the sacrifices that ensure the freedom we enjoy every day, a parade seems like a fitting celebration of our veterans.


Bring your family, your friends, and your gratitude to 9th Street on Saturday, November 11, at 11 a.m. and enjoy the parade!


The Platte County Constitution Party hosted their 2nd annual picnic on July 8th, 2017, to celebrate Wyoming Statehood Day. Wyoming was recognized as a state on July 10, 1890. The picnic was well-attended, with several counties represented.


We enjoyed good food, conversation, games and fun. With our annual picnic, we also hold a state trivia contest. Questions included: How many years does a person serve in the Senate, and in the House?; Who was John J. Pershing, and why was he significant?; and Who was the first governor of the state?

The winner of the contest, Jim Creaser of Converse County, answered 15 of the 20 questions correctly. Jim will receive a gift card/certificate in the amount of $25. The trivia contest helps us all to learn and remember important things about our state.


The next event planned by the Platte County Constitution Party is participation in the Platte County Fair, July 22 through Aug. 5. Hope to see you there!

Annual Washington Day event well-attended

On Saturday, Feb. 18, the sixth annual Washington Day Dinner was well attended at the Platte County Fairgrounds. The event was sponsored by the Platte County Constitution Party.


Doug Aden, the national vice chairman from Longmont, Colo., and Dr. Daniel Clyde Cummings, of the Natrona County Constitution Party, were the speakers. The violin and piano music was provided by Shawntae Wendt of Torrington, which was greatly enjoyed by those in attendance.


The dinner was catered by the Pie Tin Lady, and was followed by a fashion show — Able Tactical of Guernsey had models display different types of ways to carry concealed weapons. The baby bag with changing pad was especially popular; on the changing pad was a target pattern!


Several nice items received winning bids during the silent auction. The hat auction winner was thrilled with his prize, as was the raffle ticket winner.  It was a really nice evening.


Constitution Party National Vice Chairman Doug Aden presented three core points during his presentation:


Point 1 — Integrity: putting honesty, integrity, and accountability back in government.

Point 2 — Liberty: government is the most ineffective, inefficient and expensive way to getting things done.


Point 3 — Prosperity: we need to again create the greatest economy in the U.S. that the world has ever seen.


Mr. Aden stated that, “...these three cores resonate with the American voters, which is why the Constitution Party continues to grow nationwide. I am impressed with the significant amount of growth in the Wyoming Constitution Party since the election”.


Dr. Daniel Clyde Cummings, of Casper, reiterated the importance of Constitution Party members stepping up and running for public office, particularly for the U.S. House of Representatives, the governor of Wyoming, and Wyoming secretary of state.


Cummings was the 2016 candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, and has helped ensure that the  Constitution Party of Wyoming will maintained a place on th Wyoming ballot. Cummings is also a studied authority on the Constitution Of The United States.


With the general election of 2016 and two years’ worth of campaigning behind the rank and file voter, I’d like to take the opportunity to evaluate the progress of the Constitution Party.


The election of 2012 was the first year the Constitution Party was on the ballot in Wyoming.  Virgil Goode ran for President, Dr. Daniel C. Cummings ran for U. S. House of Representatives, and Bill Motley ran for State House District 4.  The results of Dr. Cummings success achieved for us “minor party status”.  It was in this election cycle that the “Country Party” gained and then lost ballot position.


The election of 2014 saw Jennifer Young running for Wyoming Secretary of State.  The results of her campaign achieved “major party status” for the Constitution Party in Wyoming.  During this election cycle, Dr. Cummings ran again for U. S. House of Representatives.  The results in Platte County and Wyoming showed a definitive increase in votes for him.  We had no one run for State House District 4.  The results showed a significant number of voters who did not vote in this race.  I’d also note that support of the Republicans diminished.


The election of 2016 beginning with the presidential piece saw the Darrell Castle/Scott Bradley team increasing in Platte County, Wyoming, and nationally from the previous presidential election of 2012.  It’s interesting to note that in this particular race, the Democratic vote decreased in both the county and state wide.


The U. S. House of Representatives races since 2012 were even more interesting.  The Republican and Democratic vote in Platte County and state wide decreased in 2014.  The Libertarian candidate increased in Platte County but decreased state wide.  Only the Constitution Party candidate, Dr. Daniel C. Cummings, showed gains in Platte County as well as state wide.


Between 2014 and 2016 both the Republicans and Democrats made up their previous decreases as did the Libertarians.  However, once, again, Dr. Cummings increased again in Platte County and state wide.


In the State House District 4 race from 2012, 2014, and 2016 showed the CP candidate Joseph Michaels substantially increasing support for the Constitutionalists.


Voter registration leaning toward the Constitution Party in Platte County and Wyoming is also continuing to grow.


My analysis is that we in Platte County and in the state of Wyoming are making a positive difference.  We should not let up lest our children and grandchildren experience our capitulation.



Rex C. Fritzler

Platte County Chairman




2nd Thursday

each month

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


Platte County Library

904 9th Street

Wheatland, Wyo.


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